SageBerry Candle Company

Hand Poured, High Quality Natural Soaps, Soy Candles and Tarts

Meet The Maker

Julie Irwin


Hi! My name is Julie and I make all of the candles and soaps at SageBerry Candle right in the heart of the beautiful lakes region in New Hampshire.  I love soy candles. I love making them. I love burning them. I especially love sharing them with other candle lovers.

The story of SageBerry began over 10 years ago with a birthday gift from my husband. A giant box of soy wax, various fragrance oils and wicks. I quickly discovered the a magic of the soy candle

 ~ slow burning and longer lasting (sometimes lasting twice as long as popular paraffin brands)

~ clean burning (no more black soot and no more headaches)

~ better scent (a pure, true fragrance that lasts)

Needless to say, I am obsessed and I’m excited to share the love of a great candle with you.